Academy for the Promotion of Adult Education among Immigrants


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Wikipedia defines social integration as ‘the movement of minority groups such as migrants, ethnic minorities, refugees and underprivileged sections of a society into the mainstream of societies’. Education without doubt, is a vital element that supports / eases this movement. Higher the education, easier the integration, fuller the integration, better the contribution to the society.

What we envision is an institute where theoretical research is based on actual interaction with the immigrants;

- Leading to an efficient use of their resources, their ability, their knowledge and

- At same time giving them self-respect , esteem, self-realization and

Through that contributing to the economy by way of meaningful integration, thereby leading to better international relation and improvement in foreign trade.

The institute’s focus is twofold:

1. On one side provide first hand knowledge about the immigrant scene, help to gather primary data and help to focus on what these people really require, i.e. guide one to a need oriented integration strategy.

2. Second the institute should act as a think tank, a platform with focus ‘the immigrant'.







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